4 Winter Makeup Looks You'll Actually Want to Try

Though it's kind of like choosing a favorite child for us, truth be told, winter makeup looks are probably our favorite. Why, you ask? Because unlike the hot, humid summer months when we have to worry about sweat, moisture, and melting, winter invites us to layer on the color and sparkle, and experiment with some hot-and-heavy (read: darker) tones and textures. In other words, trends that just don't seem to translate as well any other time of the year.

So since we're currently in the thick of winter, we thought we'd tap celebrity makeup artists to find out firsthand which winter makeup looks and trends they're most excited about this season. Oh, and we definitely didn't stop there. We also asked for their must-have products and application tips so you can easily re-create these winter makeup trends yourself. Keep scrolling for four stunning winter looks makeup artists are into this season.