12 Winter Hats for Curly Hair That Keep Curls Unscathed

Dress for the weather and keep your hair unscathed.

winter hats for curly hair

Grace Eleyae

I grew up in Chicago, shivering every winter and always using my thick, curly hair as extra shelter from the cold. But when I took off my hats, my hair would usually be frizzy and dried out beneath. My hats were keeping my head warm, but they weren’t keeping my hair protected.

Most beanies are made of cotton, which can absorb a huge load of water (think about how much water you can wring out of a drenched T-shirt). Wool is another common winter hat material that’s extremely abrasive on hair. Satin and silk, on the other hand, are smooth and can only absorb a fraction of what cotton does. Being smooth materials, they also don’t cause frizz.

Especially if you have curly, coily, colored, damaged, or chemically treated hair, it’s important to keep your hair moisturized in the cold of winter (and avoiding frizz is also nice). A hat lined with silk or satin will help you do these things—and even if you have the straightest of hair, these hats will keep frizz to a minimum. They’re genuinely great for everyone.

I asked friends, scoured the Internet, and thought about personal favorites in order to find the best. Below, see 12 winter hats for curly hair that are lined with silk or satin, designed to keep you warm and your hair unscathed.

Grace Eleyae Everyday Beanie
Grace Eleyae Everyday Beanie $42.00 $38.00

Grace Eleyae is known for making high-quality and stylish accessories that take care of your hair while you wear them. From silk pillowcases to scrunchies, the brand is a top destination. If you’re just looking for basics, the beanie is a great starting point. It’s made with thick knit to keep warm, internal drawstrings to adjust fit, and a satin lining. I personally love the color choices and options for men. If you love beanies and love luxury, you may also want to check out the cashmere beanies.

Grace Eleyae Madeline Pencil Brim Hat
Grace Eleyae Madeline Pencil Brim Hat $100.00 $85.00

Another favorite from Grace Eleyae is the pencil brim hat. When it’s winter or a chilly day in fall, this satin-lined beauty with a wool exterior is a great way to elevate your look.

Hairbrella Bucket Hat
Hairbrella Bucket Hat $40.00

If you’re having a California winter or something unseasonably warm that turns snow to cold rain, a bucket hat may do the trick. Hairbrella started with an innovative rain hat for curly and coily hair, and now it has expanded to offer a range of options. The brand's satin-lined bucket hat is one of its newer styles offering that signature waterproof design that keeps your hair in mind.

The Wrap Life Ribbed Satin Lined Turban
The Wrap Life Satin-Lined Turban $35.00

In the coldest of places, a beanie is usually ideal. But if you want your look to give more while still retaining some warmth, turbans are a beautiful option. These can still shield your hair from the cold but aren’t nearly as common as beanies. The Wrap Life makes a variety of hair accessories in the most lush and beautiful colors. From rich yellow to jewel tones, the brand's satin-lined turbans are not to be missed.

Tress 2-in-1 Beanie
Tress 2-in-1 Beanie $40.00

While Tress originally started with patented baseball caps designed to fit curly hair, the brand has expanded into making more. Throughout every new product, haircare remains a top priority. Tress’s satin-lined beanies are built to stretch as needed and come with a removable pom that lets you switch it up whenever you want.

Locsanity Beanie for Dreadlocks
Locsanity Beanie for Dreadlocks $14.00 $11.00

If you have locs, and especially if they’re long, it can be really hard to find a hat to fit your hair. Locsanity is a Florida-based haircare company that focuses on dreadlocks and natural hair. Customers especially love two main things about Locsanity’s beanie: It stretches to fit your hair and has a band at the front to keep it in place on your head—making it the perfect beanie for locs.

Taelor Boutique Satin Lined Beanie
Taelor Boutique Satin Lined Beanie $30.00

Taelor Boutique is all about streetwear that has a luxury feel. On the site, you'll find things like durags and bonnets as well as an extensive satin-lined beanie collection. If you’re looking for a basic beanie but want louder colors like neon green or baby pink, then these 100% cotton beanies are made for you.

Beautifully Warm Winter Hat
Beautifully Warm Winter Hat $30.00 $20.00

Honestly, the name says it all. Beautifully Warm is a family business that started when two parents had their fill of frustration: Their daughter’s hairstyles would be beautiful but instantly ruined if she needed to go outside and wear a winter hat, so they created a solution. Beautifully Warm makes satin-lined beanies in a rainbow of colors, as well as beach hats for when the seasons change.

NeoCurly Smooth & Silky Cap
NeoCurly Smooth & Silky Cap $25.00

Some know NeoCurly for its range of curly and coily haircare products, but the brand also has great accessories. If you want something like a beanie but way less bulky, this smooth and silky cap is a great option. It won’t keep you as warm as a thick, knit beanie, but it’ll still retain some warmth while keeping your hair protected.

Satin Smart Satin Lined Newsboy Cap
Satin Smart Satin Lined Newsboy Cap $48.00 $38.00

Honestly, newsboy hats are so underrated. You’ll often see this classic in the winter made of velvet or tweed. The satin-lined newsboy from Satin Smart, however, isn’t made with any winter-specific materials, which makes it versatile for year-round wear. The brand's knit berets, on the other hand, radiate winter energy and come with a scarf.

Kink & Coil Satin-Lined Ear Warmer Headband
Kink & Coil Satin-Lined Ear Warmer Headband $28.00

Hats are great, but sometimes you’re wearing a look that needs something else. When that’s the case, ear warmer headbands are a great option, like this one from Kink & Coil. It's stretchy and satin-lined, which means it won't frizz up your edges. Headbands aside, the brand also has beanies with removable poms.

Swurly Cable Knit Silk Lined Hat
Swurly Cable Knit Silk Lined Hat $32.00

These hats are unlike any on the list. Most hats so far have been made with satin interiors, but Swurly takes it a notch up to something more luxurious: These hats are lined with silk. Made by a Midwest mom who was inspired by caring for her daughters’ hair, Swurly offers a minimalist cable knit beanie that’s lightweight and made with soft wool.

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