The Winter Haircut You Should Get, According to Your Texture

Okay, it’s 20-degrees outside, but feels like zero. If you could’ve left your apartment wearing your comforter, you would have (we’ve definitely considered it). But, instead, you reach for your warmest coat, bundle up from head to toe, and brave the arctic temps. The last thing you're worried about is your hair. But, hairstylist Dhiran Mistry says there is a way to warm your face in the wintertime, and that's with your bangs. Think of face-framing fringe peaking out from beneath your hat like little rays of sunshine. Hear me out.

"There’s more coverage and less sweating," Mistry says of wearing bangs in the winter. "You can get away with more in the face. It’s the opposite of what I tell people in the summer: they shouldn’t get bangs, because it will stick to their face." With that genius tip in mind, we asked hairstylists which cuts mesh well with the various seasons, specifically winter.

As an aside, iconic colorist Christophe Robin notes, "Any hairstyle will look its best if the hair is healthy." He stresses the importance of taking really good care of your hair to achieve any look, during any season. "For instance," Robin continues, "applying a protective hair oil before a salon appointment, washing your hair with a gentle shampoo, and using a daily hair cream will avoid split ends and breakage—and make any style look its best."