The Winter Haircut You Should Get, According to Your Texture

Okay, it’s 20 degrees outside, but feels like zero. If you could’ve left your apartment wearing your comforter, you would have (we’ve definitely considered it). But, instead, you reach for your warmest coat, bundle up from head to toe, and brave the arctic temps. The last thing you're worried about is your hair. But, hairstylist Dhiran Mistry says there's a way to warm your face in the wintertime, and that's with your bangs. Think of face-framing fringe peaking out from beneath your hat like little rays of sunshine. Hear me out.

"There’s more coverage and less sweating," Mistry says of wearing bangs in the winter. "You can get away with more in the face. It’s the opposite of what I tell people in the summer: they shouldn’t get bangs, because it will stick to their face." With that genius tip in mind, we asked hairstylists which cuts mesh well with the various seasons, specifically winter.

As an aside, iconic colorist Christophe Robin notes, "Any hairstyle will look its best if the hair is healthy." He stresses the importance of taking really good care of your hair to achieve any look, during any season. "For instance," he continues, "applying a protective hair oil before a salon appointment, washing your hair with a gentle shampoo, and using a daily hair cream will avoid split ends and breakage—and make any style look its best."

Ready to discover your best options for refreshing your strands in the colder months? Ahead, see our guide to winter haircut ideas for every texture, complete with insights from our experts.

Meet the Expert

  • Dhiran Mistry is a hairstylist currently working between New York City and Charlotte. He currently works out of The Second Floor Salon in SoHo, in addition to traveling and sharing his expertise with publications and brands.
  • Christophe Robin is a world-famous colorist based in Paris. In 1999, he launched his eponymous haircare brand, which offers a wide range of visionary products that target specific hair needs using naturally derived ingredients.
  • Jillian Halouska is a celebrity hairstylist and OGX brand ambassador based in Paris. She has worked with high-profile clients including Sadie Sink, Austin Butler, and FKA Twigs.


Yara Shahidi wears a naturally curly bob with bangs and metallic blue eyeliner

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Lean into your natural volume to play with different shapes, like piece-y bangs and an angled bob. The layers remove weight and will help keep your natural curl pattern intact and beautiful.


Alanna Arrington shows off her curly shag with layers and face-framing pieces


"For curly hair," Robin says, "it's good to layer a bit, especially in the winter when the air gets dry and your curls have a harder time holding. The layers allow your hair to stay bouncy because a few pieces are shorter, and thus, lighter." He adds, "If you want to get a few highlights on curly hair, I recommend working on the lengths to emphasize the layers and curls, rather than the roots."
Jillian Halouska, a hairstylist and OGX brand ambassador, adds, "A mid-length shag works wonders. She suggests, "Get the most volume and curl enhancement by cutting internal layers to remove excess weight. Bonus is you can also option bangs for this look."


Makeup artist Violette wears long, wavy hair with bangs and blue eyeshadow


Mistry recommends those with wavy hair try textured, piece-y bangs, as they’re less likely to air-dry their hair in the winter. "Because you are blow-drying your hair more, there are more styles available,” he says. So, it's the perfect time to take a leap with bangs.

Wavy + Thick

Emmy Rossum wears mid-length voluminous thick wavy hair and red lipstick


"Try thinning the back or going for an undercut to create less volume and prevent tangles in your scarf," Mistry says. "It will also help hair dry quicker on those frosty mornings," he adds.

Wavy + Fine

Gemma Chan wears a wavy bob hairstyle with large silver earrings and red lipstick

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Halouska recommends trying a jawline bob, which she describes as "an elevated and daring version to the better-known lob." She suggests telling your stylist to keep the ends in line with your jaw bone, angling it a bit longer in the front and letting it fall just below the ears. "The finer your hair, the more blunt you will want it cut to keep the shape," she says.


Olivia Rodrigo wears long, straight hair with face-framing curtain bangs


"Try soft curtain bangs,” Halouska says. "It's an easy, French-inspired, face-framing look." She explains, "Without the high temperatures and humidity of summer, this is the perfect trendy winter option with minimal drying and styling."

Straight + Fine

Coco Baudelle wears a tousled pixie cut


Those with fine hair, winter is the time to really go for it. We're talking a full-on pixie cut. Mistry suggests leaving some soft, long edges and a bit of coverage over your ears: "It looks nice when it's tucked behind your ears, but can be worn either way."

Straight + Thick

Zendaya wears long, layered red hair


Robin suggests trying a few light layers to give your hair movement, especially around the face, as well as bangs. "It can be a beautiful way to frame your face," he says.

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