Why Nobody Is Getting a Full Head of Hair Colour Anymore

Updated 01/27/18

If you're looking for a bit of a hair-colour tszuj to see you through winter, we suggest you quit eyeing up those packets of allover hair dye. A complete colour overhaul is not the answer.

Yes, this kind of hair colour might cover up your problems of sun-faded streaks and battered lengths, but you'll then have to tackle the issue of noticeable roots and patchy fading. Plus, a one-shade-all-over colour job never looks wholly realistic, so if you're looking to restore your damaged colour back to its natural glory, you're going to need to go more bespoke. The answer, according to hair colour experts at London's Josh Wood Atelier, is to undergo a hair colour "MOT."

winter hair colour

Well, that's exactly what Josh Wood is offering in its new Fix It hair service (prices from £200). Rather than transforming your hair for the winter months with a single colour, this service is about making minor colour tweaks and applying special filters that will balance your hair. "The idea behind this service is to reverse the effects of colour overload, whether it be too much chemicals or sun—call it your colour MOT," explains Sibi Bolan, creative colour and balayage specialist. "The end result is a bit like giving you back your very own colour DNA signature, the colour that Mother Nature blessed you with."

So rather than a full wash of block colour, Bolan and master colourist Melanie Smith have developed a technique whereby they weave a spectrum of close shades throughout the hair that will correct any unwanted tones, make it look more like your natural hair colour and douse it in major shine, for an instantly healthier appearance. Depending on your colour concern, the professionals will paste on violet, green or blue tones to cancel out any unwanted hues in the hair, rather than superficially masking them—think of it as colour-correcting for the hair.

If you don't live in London and can't get to the Josh Wood Atelier, don't stress. Simply take Sibi and Smith's advice and tell your hairdresser you want to adjust hair to as close to your natural colour as possible, and ask for painted-on balayage rather than one full colour or even highlights.

Not only does this kind of colouring look more authentic, but it will see you right the way through the winter months without really needing a top-up. As the soft, well-blended shades grow out, they fade into one another, so you never get those harsh, telltale tide marks where your natural hair colour ends and the chemical colour begins. The way we're looking at it, it's like investing in a winter coat that will see you all the way through until early 2018. The dream.

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