5 Makeup Looks Using My 5 Favorite Winter Eye Shadow Palettes

It's no secret that I love eye makeup. I have an entire drawer in my bathroom devoted to holding eye shadow palettes exclusively. The hundreds of photos I've saved on Instagram are almost all editorial eye makeup looks that I've sourced from various makeup artists, celebs, and beauty-inspiration accounts. When I have the chance to test a new palette or eye shadow formula, I emit an actual shriek of delight. I can't help it, and I can't explain it other than to say I'm inexplicably drawn to eye shadow.

While I switch things up pretty regularly by testing out new products, lately I've been gravitating toward the same five palettes again and again. Without recognizing it, I've cultivated a group of go-to palettes that I use almost every single day (and plan to keep using throughout the entire season). Keep scrolling to see my five favorite palettes for winter, along with five looks I created with each of them.