From Alaska to Moscow: 17 Beauty Tips from Women Who Live in Seriously Freezing Places

It’s not easy to feel pretty when winter weather is ravaging. Basically anything that can go wrong in the beauty department does go wrong: cracked, lips, irritated skin, dry hair—the list goes on. Which is why you really have to hand it to the women who live in seriously freezing places.

In cities like Moscow and Ithaca, NY (and now, apparently, NYC), winter can last from November to April, with storms raging on the regular. That means locals have to adapt, coming up with clever and efficient ways to protect their skin and hair. To help all who face winter gain a beauty advantage, we interviewed 11 ladies from frigid locales. From the only mascara you should be using to the product that’s “sunshine in a bottle,” find out their winter beauty secrets.

Keep reading to learn how gals in sub-zero cities do winter beauty—there’s some awesome advice in here.