This Simple Trick Will Tell If You Can Pull Off Short Hair

Would I look good with short hairIt’s the universal question every woman has pondered at least once in her life, most likely after seeing a picture of someone like Emma Watson or Victoria Beckham circa 2008 looking especially cool and effortlessly chic. Well, now you can stop wondering and find out for sure—without actually having to go for the chop. Cosmopolitan UK reports that Giles Robinson, a senior stylist at John Frieda Salons UK and international training director of Color Wow, has come up with a formula that can determine if a short pixie will flatter your unique face shape. 

Here’s the trick: Place a pencil or pen under your chin horizontally, then place a ruler under your ear, vertically. Measure the height of where the pencil and the ruler intersect. Less than 2.25 inches? Go for the chop. Longer than 2.25 inches? Long hair will be a more flattering choice. 

Obviously—as with all beauty rules—there will be exceptions. And in the end, you should wear whatever hairstyle makes you feel the most confident, whether or not it’s short. But for anyone who has been debating a pixie for a while, this could be the extra push you need. Now, who’s ready for a chop? Find two of our favorite products for styling short hair below!

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