This Is Why Your Moisturizer Feels Like It's Doing Nothing

Call us impatient, but we like to see fast results with our skincare. If the label says it'll be a few weeks before any noticeable changes, we get antsy. Case in point: our moisturizer. Especially in the cold winter months, we find ourselves slathering on more product than we would in the greasy months of summer, and then feeling defeated when dry, flaky skin still happens. After going through countless bottles and tubes of different formulas, our emotions and bank accounts start to feel drained.

But we come bearing goods news: There are things you can (and should) be doing to make your moisturizer perform way better. Top skincare experts lent us some incredible advice for having the softest, most hydrated skin by just changing the way we moisturize.

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This post was originally published on January 8, 2016.