Meet The Foundation That Delivers a Flawless, Filtered Finish—and Gives Back

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We know we’re not the only ones constantly on the hunt for the perfect foundation. It’s like a never-ending game of Goldilocks: One’s too light, one’s too dark; this one cakes, but that one’s greasy; yet another one breaks you out. But when you think about it, all this trouble is kind of crazy for a product that’s supposed to look, well… like your skin.

That’s why we’re especially ecstatic about our new holy grail base: Chantecaille Future Skin Cushion Skincare Foundation. Not exactly surprising, considering this revolutionary formula comes from the pioneer of foundation-skincare hybrids and shade-matching technology. “It’s fast, easy, and so natural,” says founder (and foundation whisperer) Sylvie Chantecaille. “This formula is not a cream and it’s not a powder. It’s makeup that feels like skincare and looks like your skin, just better.” In short, in an oversaturated foundation market, this game-changer is juuust right.

Chantecaille Future Skin Cushion Skincare Foundation $128.00


An instantly perfecting foundation formula packed with skincare actives, housed in intuitive cushion packaging. Just applying this formula feels luxurious, thanks to the chic little puff you use to transfer the foundation, which is loaded into a sponge inside the compact, onto your face. This is where it gets good: The water-based texture feels cool and weightless, like tiny angels kissing your cheeks. Meanwhile, blending with either the puff or your fingers creates the most flawless, fresh-faced finish. And—voila!—it’s as if any complexion imperfections never existed.

Future Skin Cushion Skincare Foundation comes in eight shades which, we know, doesn’t sound like that many at first. But hear us out: Because the formula is so sheer and flexible, each shade works for several different skin tones and undertones. “With its special combination of pigments and smoothing polymers, it ends up being more like a filter for the skin than a shade-specific foundation—just a naturally perfect finish and feel,” says Chantecaille. The best part, though, is that the more you wear it, the better your own skin gets. Infused with bionymph peptide stem cell extract to soften fine lines and the aforementioned polymers (which also defend against pollution, BTW), it’s almost like the last step of your skincare routine rather than your first makeup step.



As if the comfortable formula, shade versatility, anti-aging benefits, and packaging that makes us feel like Daphne Bridgerton weren’t enough to make us hit “add to cart,” we also love that this product comes from a true foundation leader and a brand we know we can trust. After all, Sylvie Chantecaille, who spearheaded color-matching tech with Prescriptives before starting her eponymous line, has been crafting innovative formulas for over 40 years. “Back then, I figured out that what made skin look good was foundation shades with proper undertones,” she says. “Now I’m doing something different: a formula so light, so transparent, and so natural, it’s not based on undertones at all. It’s a new direction that is very fresh and exciting.”

Like many of Chantecaille’s products, Future Skin Cushion Skincare Foundation doesn’t just look pretty. It also makes a difference. Every cushion sold—each box includes one that’s already inserted and one refill—feeds an orphaned baby elephant via Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s rehabilitation program and supports the organization’s commitment to anti-poaching and protecting natural habitats across Kenya. “The advances this women-run organization have made in elephant conservation are heroic,” says Chantecaille. “Not only do they reintegrate these orphans back into the wild, but they also work constantly to protect them.”



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