True Life: I Have a Blow Dry Budget

I am someone who enjoys playing with numbers, deriving genuine satisfaction out of planning my finances out for the year. I am also someone whose hair has been the bane of her existence since middle school. And so it is that right there in my budget for each month, along with rent, utilities, savings, and medical expenses, there’s a little line item for…blowouts. Allow me to explain.

I don't like how I look with curly hair. I never have, and can confidently say that I never will. It doesn’t matter how it's styled, even if the premier curly hair guru worked their magic on it. I would look in the mirror and want a blowout.

I’m not against curly hair itself—I think curls look great on plenty of people. It's curly hair on me that I’m opposed to. We don't vibe. As such, this is a not going to be a story about how I learned to love my unruly hair and embrace my curls. It's a story about knowing yourself, learning what matters to you, and making room in your life for the things that add genuine value to it. 

If we’re being real, it's kind of a stretch to even call my hair curly. I don't even know what it is. It's like 1/4 tight spindly curls, 1/4 layer of frizz that extends horizontally outward, and 4/4 bird's nest that's been electrocuted (it was like this pre years of heat styling, FYI). In its natural state, my curly hair is massive mop of cray (see below).