Here's Why Maintaining Your Friendships Is So Important

Having a best friend is good for your health
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Friendships are an important part of life. While sometimes we fight, get jealous, or say things we don’t mean, at the end of the day our friends pick us up when we’re down or toast us when there’s reason to celebrate.

But as we get older and our lives become busier, it gets more difficult to maintain these friendships. So it’s especially important to remember this: The quality of our friendships is way more important than the quantity. So let go of the superficial connections in your life and celebrate the people who truly matter—the women you have sisterly bonds with and look up to; the friends who share new things with you (like Ariana Grande’s Moonlight fragrance, $59) and who make you feel happy and confident in yourself. “Happiness always feels better when it’s shared,” says YouTuber Tess Christine. Since Tess’s schedule is insanely busy, we thought we could learn a thing or two from her on the importance of maintaining friendships.

Watch the video above to see how she and her good friend Ashley Brooke maintain their strong bond despite their hectic lives—then shop the fragrance Moonlight by Ariana Grande that uplifts them both below.

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Tell us: How do you maintain close friendships?

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