This Simple Fact Is Ruining Your Sleep, According an NYU Researcher


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You've just come home after one of the longest days of your life. For hours, all you talked about was how excited you were to conk out. Finally, you're in bed under the warm, cozy covers—except now, you can't fall asleep. What gives?

Exploring the myriad reasons we can't fall asleep quickly and stay that way is a priority on team Byrdie. (Recently, we went so far as to consult a panel of hypnotists for tips to beat insomnia.) We've spoken to many top sleep experts, and trust us when we say there are countless factors that contribute to sleep dysfunction, from general stress to caffeine to binging on Netflix right before bed.

But according to sleep researchers, there is one very simple, often overlooked factor that's responsible for many cases of minor insomnia, especially in the wintertime: the temperature of your room. 

Keep reading to discover how temperature is affecting your sleep. (Plus, learn the ideal range for your bedroom!)