You Probably Can't Handle This New Yorker's Intense Pre-Wedding Beauty Prep

Whitney Tingle - Wedding Beauty

Your wedding is a time-honored day in your life when the world treats you like royalty. As a bride especially, you become this sort of untouchable goddess on your wedding day, as every important person in your life watches you star in this epic production that represents love, commitment, and growing up.

Which is probably why brides put so much pressure on themselves to look perfect at their wedding—or at least, the closest version of perfect attainable. But perhaps no one's pre-wedding beauty regimen is as impressive as that of Whitney Tingle, one of the captivatingly beautiful co-founders of organic, plant-based meal delivery service Sakara. Beauty and wellness already play a huge role in this New York It girl's life, but in the months leading up to her big day (which is coming right up on June 16), she's turning her routine up a notch. Could you handle Tingle's grueling bridal diet, fitness, skincare, and haircare prep? Keep scrolling to find out!





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