Exclusive: Whitney Port Tells Us How She Keeps Her Brows (and Body) in Shape

As twinkly-eyed teens vying for a future apartment and flashy job in Manhattan, MTV's The City couldn't have been a better source of inspiration for our vision boards. That, and the fact that doe-eyed Whitney Port and her bubbly personality alongside everyone's now-favorite Instagram personality, Lauren Conrad, made for congenial viewing. But we have a lot of unanswered questions since The City's departure from the airwaves, such as: What ever happened to Jay? Do Whitney and LC still hang? Does Kelly Cutrone still have a solely black wardrobe? (Yes.) While we may not have touched on any of those three topics in our recent chat with Port, we did get inside intel on all sorts of beauty-related queries, like her favorite brow products from Birchbox, the treatment that makes her face "as smooth as a baby's bottom," and her key to staying fit.

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