Why Everyone in NYC Should Try This $75 French Hair Treatment

I have a problem: I can't stop running my fingers through my hair, and it's seriously hindering my ability to do anything. You see, I went to a magical place called Whiteroom in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, last Saturday and walked out a different person. Well, the same person but with a vastly different hairstyle and outlook on life. For those of you unfamiliar, Whiteroom is, well, a white room, but also so much more. Half hair salon, half apothecary/beauty shopping heaven, it's tucked on the corner of 6th and Bedford, right below the Williamsburg Bridge; walk by too quickly and you'll miss it.

I was invited to stop in and experience a treatment called the Christophe Robin Signature. Supposedly, Whiteroom is the only place that offers the treatment outside of Christophe's own salon in Paris, and Christophe himself, French hair legend that he is, personally trained the owners on exactly how to execute it. I was told that it would be very luxurious, and as someone who loves luxurious French things, I immediately said yes.

Keep scrolling to find out what went down.