This Viral K-Beauty Product Will Rid Your Skin of Those Pesky Little Bumps

What is it with rough skin texture? Yes, normal zits are annoying, frustrating, and stubborn, but they go away relatively quickly. At least when compared to pesky little bumps, which seem to last forever. They sit in your pores and remain unmoved until you find just the right product that's strong enough to evict them because—let's be honest—they're our complexion's equivalent of nasty next-door neighbors.

One Reddit user may have found the right product for us, at least as far as texture is concerned. The woman, who goes by "-salma" on the website, shared before and after photos to show just how effective one specific Korean skincare product is at kicking irregular texture to the curb. Since then, it's gone viral, with people rushing to find out how and why it works so well. Keep scrolling to see the before and after photos and to learn exactly which product will smooth your skin.