10 of the Best Androgynous Clothing Brands to Shop

From Eckhaus Latta to Rad Hourani.

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As the fashion industry continues to push towards a more inclusive and diverse future, labels of gender have become less and less necessary. In fact, while androgyny may have felt taboo a decade ago, it now reigns as the norm for many. Gone are the days when androgynous shoppers were sequestered into the men’s section of brick-and-mortar stores; welcome to the gender-neutral fashion revolution. 

People of all gender identities and forms of outward expression can now feel seen, represented, and heard within the industry at large. And while loads of progress remains to be made across the inclusivity spectrum, shopping for androgynous clothing and accessories has never been easier. Wherever your personal style and price point stand, there’s now an outlet for you, and we’ve rounded up some of the best to choose from.

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Eckhaus Latta

Widely known for their gender-inclusive take on style, Eckhaus Latta fashion shows constantly reign supreme. While a higher price point, the brand’s forward-thinking designs constantly stick out, and always for good reason: They’re seriously that good. From futuristic outerwear to unique shapes, there’s no denying the brand’s special spot in the market. 

Blunt Jacket
Eckhaus Latta Blunt Jacket $550.00
Beach Blazer
Eckhaus Latta Beach Blazer $695.00
El Jean
Eckhaus Latta El Jean $375.00
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Many know Telfar for its popular, iconic bags. Few know the brand has been dedicated to creating unisex clothing since its initial launch in 2005. Now, over 15 years later, the brand’s reputation still stands as a leading voice within the industry. With an enticing range of apparel, a scroll through Telfar’s past few collections will give you a clear view of their fashion mindset. 

Track Jacket
Telfar x Converse Track Jacket $150.00
Telfar x Converse Logo Boot
Telfar x Converse Logo Boot $769.00
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Designed by former Project Runway contestant Fabio Costa, NotEqual was created with the mindset to explore the “genderless form and individuality.” With beautiful draping and exemplified basics, NotEqual’s well-crafted pieces combine fluidity with supreme comfort. The label’s price point stands between $100 and $200, depending on the garment. 

Navy Wrap Skirt
NotEqual Navy Wrap Skirt $155.00
Navy Wrap Pants
NotEqual Navy Wrap Pants $182.00
Open Tank
NotEqual Open Tank $145.00
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Under the mantra “vers clothes for people,” Tilly D. Wolfe’s brand, Cilium, has picked up traction over the past few years. From halters to maxi tube dresses, the brand’s androgynous outlook is one of the few that caters to a wider size range, expanding up to a 62-inch waist. However, what makes Cilium stand out the most is its unique incorporation of movement into its many designs. 

Quad Slider
Cilium Quad Slider $140.00
Double Slider
Cilium Double Slider $120.00
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Big Bud Press

Available up to a size 6X, Los Angeles-based Big Bud Press is one of the very few brands that prioritize a gender non-specific, truly size-inclusive range. From bold jumpsuits to eclectic bottoms, Big Bud Press screams for attention, and rightfully so. Most garments range between $100 and $200. 

Short Sleeve Jumpsuit
Big Bud Press Short Sleeve Jumpsuit $172.00
Cavalry Pants
Big Bud Press Cavalry Pants $90.00
Plaid Sailor Jacket
Big Bud Press Plaid Sailor Jacket $95.00
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While still categorized by womenswear and menswear online, Toogood’s designs break barriers of gender. From attentive tailoring to fluid dresses and everything in between, the brand’s London aesthetic is peak Instagram influencer-esque. However, the price point is a tad higher, with most garments on sale for a few hundred dollars each. 

The Farrier Jacket
Toogood The Farrier Jacket $1,722.00
The Photographer Jacket
Toogood The Photographer Jacket $1,366.00
The Tinker Trouser
Toogood The Tinker Trouser $585.00
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Independently owned and operated, One DNA is all about dismantling the binary in fashion. Regularly offering eco-conscious items while being a forward-thinking thought leader in the inclusivity space, One DNA has carved a special niche for itself in the market. With a price point below $100, the brand is accessible and ready to wear.

Yesterday Today Tomorrow Sweatshirt
One DNA Yesterday Today Tomorrow Sweatshirt $72.00
Day Jacket
One DNA Day Jacket $165.00
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No Sesso

Translating to “no sex/no gender” in Italian, the Los Angeles fashion house No Sesso was founded in 2015 by Pierre Davis. Empowering those of all identities, sizes, races, and shapes, the brand’s authentic approach to the market is what’s helped it stand out. Because who needs any labels when self-expression is all that truly matters? 

The Classic LA Sweater
No Sesso The Classic LA Sweater $850.00
Vers Autumn Bib
No Sesso Vers Autumn Bib $300.00
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Rad Hourani

Formed with the vision of being “genderless, raceless, ageless, nationless, limitless,” Rad Hourani’s unisex appeal is undeniable. The brand has grown since 2007, and for clear reasons: the designs keep on innovating. Some prices exceed $1,000, while other garments, like basic turtlenecks and skirts, retail for much lower. 

Unisex Sunglasses
Rad Hourani Unisex Sunglasses $768.00
Unisex Suit
Rad Hourani Unisex Suit $1,021.00
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Sixty Nine

Denim-focused, Los Angeles-based brand 69 is all about bringing timeless classics into the inclusive future ahead of us. From their oversized basketball shirts to face masks to accessories, the boutique brand is a worthy one to support. Prices vary, but most pieces ring in at a few hundred dollars.

Basketball Shirt
Sixty Nine Basketball Shirt $350.00
Sixty Nine Pocket Bag Blazer
Sixty Nine Pocket Bag Blazer $450.00

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