The French Beauty Brand You Can Now Buy at Target

It's always a good day when your favorite French skincare brand gets launched at Target. Embryolisse, maker of the cult moisturizer that makeup artists and real women alike swear by, is now available for the masses. YES. [Target]

It’s not often that a Vogue editor divulges her beauty secrets—but that’s exactly what beauty director Sarah Brown did over at The Huffington Post. And naturally we’re all ears. From her best hair spots (Oscar Blandi and Sharon Dorram at Sally Hershberger are two of many) to the reigning facialist of NYC (Georgia Louise, in case you were wondering), Brown spills on all her favorite people and places. *Bookmarked.* [Huffington Post]

Serious nappers: There is now an inflatable hoodie that allows you to sleep anywhere, any time. Yes: inflatable hoodie. The best thing is that it looks like any other sweatshirt at first glance, but after blowing into the hood’s built-in tab and activating a tiny, inflatable pillow, you’ll have a cozy surface to rest your head. Genius. [Huffington Post]

We’ve talked about Q-tip beauty hacks already, but did you know you can also use your trusty cotton swabs to pop that annoying pimple? When your skin is damp post-shower, place two Q-tips on either side and lightly press them together. So much more sanitary than using your fingers. [PureWow]

What are the trendy beauty and health topics of 2016? Foam rolling, for one; matcha lattes, for another. Head over to PureWow to see what this year’s kale and juice cleansing are. [PureWow]

Maybelline's new The Falsies Push Up Drama ($7) is the line's buzziest new launch. See what happened when one editor gave it a whirl. []

Cue the freakout. MAC just launched a lust-worthy new contour palette in six user-friendly shades that range from taupe to blush. Our cheekbones are ready. [InStyle]

Uh-oh. Looks like everyone's favorite ball-shaped lip balm, EOS, is being sued by users for allegedly causing rashes. A woman named Rachel Cronin is leading the suit, saying the product gave her an “awful” experience. [SheFinds]

Is lip balm really addictive? We find out.