A Makeup Artist’s Guide to Beauty Shopping in Paris

Paris—City of Light, love, and languid strolls to the neighborhood boulangerie. In Paris, beauty is a lifestyle as effortless as the texture that comes with perfectly air-dried strands. But make no mistake—just because French women embrace low-key beauty doesn’t meant they don’t know beauty. Quite the opposite, in fact. When it comes to beauty products, Paris is an absolute treasure trove, brimming with the exquisite and extravagant as well as the under-the-radar and practical. Navigating the cobbled streets of the Marais can be daunting, however, which is why we went straight to a source who knows Paris like the back of his hand: celebrity makeup artist and Dior Beauty brand ambassador Daniel Martin.

Martin paints the faces of Hollywood’s elite (Jessica Alba and Elizabeth Moss are just two of his regulars) and frequents Paris for fashion week, client events, and, of course, beauty shopping. We asked Martin to share his top beauty haunts, and luckily for us, he was happy to divulge. Ahead, you’ll find six makeup-artist-approved beauty spots to add to your must-visit list (or to just pin to your “Paris” board on Pinterest). Keep scrolling for the best beauty spots in all of Paris!