City Guide: The Best Places to Buy Beauty Products in Korea

It’s Korean Beauty Week here at Byrdie HQ! Each day this week, our Korean Beauty Correspondent, Alicia Yoon, will be sharing the most interesting findings from her recent trip to Seoul. Consider this a deep dive into what’s really happening over the pond—from newest product innovations, to the beauty goods real Korean women are obsessing over. For the fourth installment, Yoon is sharing her guide to the best places to buy beauty products in Korea. Feast your eyes!

The beauty paradise scene in Korea can quickly turn overwhelming when you’re beauty-shopping, because there are so many options, which at the same time, makes it such an incredible experience. 

To help navigate the beauty scene in Korea, here’s a list of the brick-and-mortar stores to visit to find your cleansing water of choice, or stock up on dozens of sheet masks at a time that are lined up like hallmark cards in stores.

Before getting into brick-and-mortar stores, here’s a quick note on beauty brands not available in brick-and-mortar stores: there are incredible beauty brands that only sell online like Glossier and Lalavesi, which has sold millions of their cult-loved creams (much more sales than some brands that have brick-and-mortar stores), as well as an astounding number of their uniquely formulated cushion compacts that leave the skin very natural and dewy (my cushion compact choice, lately). There’s a whole exciting world of exceptional and even very large beauty brands that are only available online or via home-shopping channels, so grab a local friend (since some sites require Korean literacy) and try shopping those channels, too! But now, onto the brick-and-mortar stores where you can touch and feel beauty!