How to Know It's Time to Replace Your Makeup Brush

We all know that our favorite beauty products have expiration dates. From lipsticks to liners to lotions, each item eventually reaches the point when it's time to get tossed. With continued use, cosmetics become a breeding ground for bacteria (hence the scary truth about what's in your makeup bag). This begs one to ask the question of whether the tools we use to apply our makeup also become bacteria-ridden to the point they necessitate tossing. Are our makeup brushes just as guilty of becoming the proverbial petri dish? And if yes, when should we be tossing them out? turned to the experts—makeup artists and makeup brush creators—to answer this question. Celebrity makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes says that once your brushes stop applying your makeup as well as they used to, it's time to toss them. Spotty or patchy results are "not a good sign."Nic Chapman, makeup artist and founder of Real Techniques  says to pay attention to the shape of the brush. If it's becoming misshapen and refuses to return to its shape even after washing, it's time to bid adieu. Broken brushes are also a big no-no, as they can trap bacteria that then gets transferred to your face.

Until your brushes reach these states of disrepair, you should be washing them on a regular basis. Not only does it kill the bacteria that can wreak havoc on your skin, but it will also aid in a more even application.

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