What Your Lip Shape Says About Your Personality


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Lips are a feature we discuss often—everything from the season's best lipsticks to our thoughts about injections. We can't help but fawn over all things matte, glossy, and the ever-popular liquid lipsticks that fall somewhere in between. We've tried serums to plump our pouts, liners to define, and practically every new product under the sun. So yes, it's accurate to say we're obsessed. 

They say eyes are the windows to our souls—but apparently our lips, too, can say a lot even before we open our mouths. That's right: The shape of your lips can predict certain personality traits, one expert says. And as far as we're concerned, her findings are correct.

There are three shapes each person's lips generally fall into: triangle, rectangle, and diamond. And according to lip expert Anna Snodgrass, each one means something different for your personality. She told Marie Claire, "[Triangle lips mean] you help others to succeed. You recognize other's skills and abilities, helping them to recognize these skills and abilities in themselves." For the record, Rihanna has triangle-shaped lips—so this makes total sense.