How to Wear Pink: 7 Ways to Style The Color

From bubblegum to magenta.

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With spring in full swing, it means that it's time to bring all of the brightly colored and lightweight clothing to the front of our closets. And we're particularly excited to start wearing all of our pink clothes again this season. Whether it’s fuschia, carnation, strawberry, or bubblegum, we are fans of every shade of pink. Whenever we wear the vibrant color, it brings out our inner child and instantly boosts our mood. However, for some, figuring out how to style pink garments is a difficult task. If you fall into that category, don’t fret. Ahead, we’ve curated a guide on what colors to pair with all of the pink pieces lining your wardrobe. Keep scrolling to discover all of our pink outfit tips

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This is one of our favorite pink shades because it reminds us of an activity we loved as kids—chewing bubblegum. But finding the right color to wear with this light shade can be quite challenging. In our experience, any shade of blue has paired perfectly with bubblegum-colored clothing. Have you tried pairing a navy blue top with bubblegum pink bottoms? Sounds like a perfect outfit to us.

I Saw It First Sweatpants $24.00
Modern Crewneck T-Shirt
Gap Modern Crewneck T-Shirt $18.00
Romy Suede 85mm Pump
Jimmy Choo Romy Suede 85mm Pump $650.00
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Hot Pink

We like to think of hot pink as a power color because if you wear it head-to-toe, you’ll definitely make a statement. But if you don’t want to wear a full-blown hot pink look, you can pair a standalone piece with light pink or white accessories. 

Cora Pant Set
Hanifa Cora Pant Set $278.00
Diva Ring
Mondo Mondo Diva Ring $225.00
Asos Bag
Asos Design Nylon Curved 90s Shoulder Bag $23.00
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Rouge is the perfect mix of pink and red and can be worn alongside any color. Feeling brave? Try wearing an entire rouge outfit. Or, you can mix it with some black and brown pieces. 

Elegant Alluring Cowl Neck Silk Slip Dress
LilySilk Elegant Alluring Cowl Neck Silk Slip Dress $105.00
El Tigre Long Sleeve Bodysuit
Gil Rodriguez El Tigre Long Sleeve Bodysuit $85.00
Vintage Modern High Rise Jeans
Lee Vintage Modern High Rise Jeans $69.00
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Strawberry is one of our favorite shades of pink, and we love pairing it with green. Whether you’re wearing a lime green skirt with a strawberry top or forest green jeans with a pink dress over, you really can’t go wrong with this colorway. 

Chunky Strawberry Cardigan
LindseyBoutiqueShop Chunky Strawberry Cardigan $8.00
Belted Womens Carpenter Pants
Dickies Belted Womens Carpenter Pants $45.00
Plus Flippy Mini skirt in Mint Floral
Fashion Union Plus Flippy Mini skirt in Mint Floral $35.00
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Magenta is not quite pink and not quite purple—it’s the perfect mixture of both. Because of that, we highly recommend mixing different shades of purples and pinks with magenta. Now, we know you might be thinking that a purple and pink outfit might look too childish, but we guarantee if you style it right, you’ll definitely have a street-style worthy look. 

Tie-Detailed Floral-Print Cotton-Poplin Top
Jason Wu Tie-Detailed Floral-Print Cotton-Poplin Top $395.00
Patent Straight-Leg Pants
Simon Miller Patent Straight-Leg Pants $395.00
In the Bag Magenta Purse
Lulus In the Bag Magenta Purse $41.00
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Watermelon is a shade of pink that makes us feel good. This pure pink is almost too good to be true and too bright to not want to wear. Whether you’re going for something with printed watermelons on it (i.e., a cute Berriez vintage cardigan) or just plain watermelon pink, this color goes great with green, brown, and even black.

Pia Puff-Sleeve Cotton Dress
Rhode Pia Puff-Sleeve Cotton Dress $425.00
Zip Closure Satchel Handbag
A New Day Zip Closure Satchel Handbag $40.00
Midnight Tuesday Mule
Brother Vellies Midnight Tuesday Mule $455.00
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We think that everyone looks good in rose-colored apparel. Whether you’re wearing a rose-colored wrap dress or a ton of rose-colored jewelry, you’ll look stunning in this light cotton candy-adjacent shade. This color looks fantastic with darker hues, but it naturally pairs well with light floral tones as well. 

Here's To Us Rose High-Low Wrap Dress
Lulus Here's To Us Rose High-Low Wrap Dress $74.00
Lane Satchel
Fossil Lane Satchel $149.00
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