8 Shoe Colors Perfect For Your Navy Blue Outfit

From dark brown to gold.

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Picture this: you're wearing a stunning navy blue suit or slip dress on a beautiful spring day. Both pieces are incredibly versatile. But, they each beg to be accessorized because otherwise, they’re just a sea of dark blue. While blue is the warmest color, too much of it can give you the feeling of being blue instead of feeling inspired by it.

Your shoes—the color specifically—will determine whether your navy blue ensemble reads casual (think: brown, tan, yellow, or orange) or a bit dressier (white, red, or gold). Ahead, I’ve laid out my favorite color shoes to pair with navy blue that will add some oomph to your look. Plus, you’ll find some of my personal favorites to help illustrate.

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Dark Brown

Brown is my favorite color to pair with navy. It gives you that vintage feel you always wanted. You can thank queen Jackie O for this one! Wearing navy blue and brown instantly transforms you into a classic sophisticate: you’re effortlessly put together but ready to go. I love a strappy brown closed-toe shoe (like my favorites from Hereu), a chunky clog (imagine them paired with that slip dress), or a dainty mule for dressy-but-not-black-tie occasions.

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I love tan because a light color shoe is a bit daintier, less clunky than a darker one. It says business casual but also fun girl who is down for anything, except getting dirty! When thinking of a navy suit, I immediately thought of pairing it with lace-up sandals as a barely-there footwear choice. However, another option is a cool slide, and I personally love these mesh ones from SheKudo

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Light Blue

Keeping it in the same color family, I like the idea of pairing navy with a lighter shade of blue. It makes the navy warmer-weather appropriate and if you style it right, you won't look like a member of the Blue Man Group. Try a flat like these mary janes or satin slides for a weekend brunch. These would specifically be very cool if your navy suit happens to be a shorts suit. 

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White or Cream

White is a no-brainer when you’re styling navy. And who says you can't wear white all year? I love the idea of pairing a navy dress with everyday white classic Converse sneakers. White shoes also are perfect to wear all the way through summer. Whether you're going for a long walk, boat ride or just hanging out, white and blue gives you that classic summer vibe even if it's the dead of winter.

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I know this seems a little overly Americana, but I think that red is a home run if done right. When pairing your navy with red, add some other colors in your other accessories: a yellow beaded necklace or some green hoop earrings or bag. It will make the outfit cheerful and fun. The days of wearing black and white are over and adding color to your wardrobe is something that will always bring a smile to your face when you get dressed.

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To really add some volume, wear navy with its complementary shade, orange. Orange can also be really neutral when the style is a flat, lightweight one. For all my New York Mets fans out there, this is also some inspiration for what to wear to the next big game. The orange Adidas shoe would be really great with that slip dress. The closed-toe styles? Have them be the star of the show paired with navy shorts and a matching navy tee.

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The cheeriest color of them all: yellow. If you’re going to wear yellow, go all the way and choose a more saturated hue. I love the idea of dressing up a suit with those satin yellow heels or pairing some everyday navy shorts or dress with the Zou Xou mary janes (which happen to be extremely comfortable). 

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Navy and gold are so timeless together. Here, I’ve laid out some everyday styles (with a couple of dressier options) as a really classic shoe option. Gold is a straightforward way to instantly kick your navy up a notch.

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