What to Expect When You Get Your Brows Professionally Waxed

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If eyes are windows to the soul, then brows are the window frames — they really bring your whole look together. Whether you decide to rock a full, thick brow like Cara Delevigne, or you're fully embracing the Y2K revival and are going for a Christina Aguliera from the early 2000s look, getting your brows waxed is an important part of the process.

Why would one choose waxing over threading, or plucking, or any of the other hair removal methods? Well, waxing can last longer, looks neater, and is super fast too.

Getting your eyebrows waxed isn't a scary experience, but it can be bizarre because no two places are the same. Still, there are basics of what you should expect from your salon or spa visit.

Before Your Eyebrow Wax

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An upscale salon or spa will lead you into a private or semi-private room onto a facial bed. There, you'll lay down, and if necessary, they'll wrap your hair in a towel or push it back with a head band. Usually, a bright facial and magnifying light will be turned on to see the brows closely, so they'll be able to get every last hair. Some salons that mostly specialize in hair services just clip hair back and do the waxing right at the shampoo bowl.

At the beginning, your technician should consult with you on how you want your eyebrows shaped. Do you like them full and defined, just cleaned up, or a high arch? Look at eyebrow styles online, but also ask your technician what they think will look best on you. Many techs, especially those that specialize in eyebrows will remove the sparse hair above the main shape of the brow. Some techs will ask if that's alright, and others will just wax without getting your approval. If you don't want any hair removed above the brow, make sure to tell them.

The technician should never just start waxing at away at your brows without knowing what you want your brows to look like. If they don't ask and you feel unsure, walk out of the appointment. You don't want to ruin your eyebrows. Before they touch your brows, you should give them the most information you can. Sometimes explaining it isn't enough. If you have photos of brow shapes and thicknesses you like, bring them. It will give them a good visual, but good technicians will also know what works for your face shape.

What to Expect During Your Eyebrow Wax

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Ideally, the tech should wear gloves, or at least a glove on the hand that's near to touching the skin. This helps keep bacteria from going on to your skin and causing irritation or post-wax pimples.

If needed, your brows will be trimmed with scissors. This helps hair to stay in place and not wander out of the shape. It's also one of the steps that allows people to get ultra-defined brows. Don't be scared and think the tech is taking your entire brows away. The excess bulk that's removed makes for a much cleaner look. Scissors are used freely when combing hair up and trimming above the brow. However, if they're trimming at the main shape of the brow, the scissors should be placed over a comb so that the hair is even and there are no chances of bald spots. 

Your technician will cleanse your eyebrow area, apply powder and then the warm wax and a cloth or pellon strip (for soft wax). If they use hard wax, a pre-epilation oil will be put on before the wax and after cleansing. No strip is put over hard wax, because hard wax becomes a strip itself. Once hardened, it's ripped off quickly. Your first wax will probably hurt a little bit, but it will get better each time. The hair underneath, in between brows, and on top (if you wish) will be removed.

What to Expect Post-Wax

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Post-wax, a wax cleanser will remove any residue, and a skin soother helps calm skin and ease redness. Any tiny hairs that were missed by the wax will be cleaned up with tweezers to fine-tune the brows. The technician will then give you a mirror, so you can see how your brows look. If they were shaped too thin, there's nothing you can really do but use an eyebrow pencil until they grow back in. However, if they're still too thick, then ask the technician to make them thinner. If you like the way they're shaped, make a standing appointment. Your brows will always look great, and never overgrown.

When you're ready for your next appointment, schedule it for four weeks out. This is the typical time between a brow wax. It's incredibly important to not touch, tweeze, or pluck your eyebrows in the meantime, as you can risk messing up the shape, thickness, or length.

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