What to Eat on Your Wedding Day for Maximum Enjoyment

So very much planning, effort, and thought goes into every day leading up to your wedding—months (sometimes years) in advance—that the day itself tends to get ignored. Even if you've been living the healthiest possible life on the road to your wedding day, you might find yourself stumped when you wake up that morning and are faced with the potentially overwhelming decision of what to consume to feel your absolute best. You don't want to eat anything that could cause bloat, you want to avoid a sugar crash at all costs, and you certainly don't want to eat anything that could cause upset stomach (anything heavy, creamy, rich, acidic, etc.). You do, on the other hand, want to feel happy, healthy, and alive (i.e., not lightheaded, dizzy, or hangry)—and like you have the energy to meet and greet your loved ones, marry the person of your dreams, and dance the night away. No pressure on the food front or anything! In short, you should be eating to feel fueled, calm, and satisfied, not starving yourself or overdoing it. Most importantly, you want to know what you're going to eat that day, and plan it in advance. Because you don't want to end up in a situation where the only thing available at the hotel or wedding location you're at is a croissant (#sugarcrash waiting to happen) and yogurt, when you don't eat dairy (you get the idea). The perfect wedding day diet should be planned far in advance of the day, so you have everything you need to feel your best. 

So what exactly does that entail? Well, we were lucky enough to run into international health and wellness expert Jessica Sepel in Los Angeles recently (having an almond milk latte at Alfred), and she just so happens to be getting married this December. (Sidenote: If you don't already follow the Instagram star, you might want to get on that—her account provides endless healthy living inspiration.) We posed the wedding day diet question, and she told us she had been needing to decide that very thing for herself, for her own wedding. Having seriously considered all the factors involved, Sepel sent us back this wedding day meal plan that's not only perfect for all brides, but is actually the very thing that the nutritionist and author herself will be having come December. Keep scrolling for the bride's guide to day-of eating!