A Completely Uncensored Look at What Byrdie Editors Eat for Lunch

It’s in the beauty editor job description to report on a variety of diet recommendations. What defines the “ideal diet” fluctuates massively depending on who you talk to (and we talk to a lot of nutrition experts with conflicting opinions). Some think acidic foods are the enemy, while others say cutting out all carbs is the answer to a lean frame. The diet philosophies continue. Every day, we editors find ourselves discussing cleanses, celebrity diets, and every piece of new weight-loss research we come across. But do we actually take any of this information to heart?

To find out, I picked a random day this week and right around lunchtime, I ambushed the Byrdie team. With no chance to prepare, I forced the editors to fork over their meals so we could catch a glimpse of what a Byrdie editor’s diet actually looks like.

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