6 Things You Should Do Immediately After a Workout to Make It Count



In a good week, let’s say you spend seven hours working out. That might sound like a lot of gym time, but it still leaves 161 hours during which you could either undermine all of that hard work, or speed-up results with some smart lifestyle tweaks.

How you eat and what you do in the hours following exercise can dramatically impact whether your body continues to burn more calories, repair, and build muscle in all the places you want it (ahem, booty)—or if you simply plateau and don’t see any results. We spoke with Barry’s Bootcamp trainer Kate Lemere and nutritionist Lee Holmes to find out exactly which supplements to take, diet tweaks you should follow, and activities worth trying out post-workout to maximize results. Keep scrolling to see what they said!

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This story was originally published on December 20, 2016.