5 Things You Should Buy From Telfar That Aren't the Shopping Bag

Telfar is more than its famous (often sold out) handbags.

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Even if you think you haven’t seen a Telfar shopping bag, you have. Telfar is a luxury, unisex fashion line based out of New York City, and it had a breakout year in 2020.

Liberian-American Telfar Clemens created the brand in 2005, aching to make genderless clothes that fit his fashion vision. Over a decade later, and the rest of the world is just starting to catch on. The iconic shopping bags can be seen everywhere, from Beyonce’s hip to your local barista. The bags come in three different sizes and plenty of fun colors, from neutrals to spring pastels. By the motto of Telfar, “Not for you—for everyone,” the bags are priced affordably relative to other luxury brands. There is a caveat: They are extremely hard to get.

You can buy the shopping bags on resale at a considerable markup, take a risk and try to grab one during a drop (when they usually sells out in minutes), or buy them through the its made-to-order bag security program, which allows you to buy as many bags as you want so that Telfar will create them just for you and ship them when they're ready. Either way, it takes some years to get theirs.

Telfar shopping bags are gorgeous, simplistic, and unisex. The newly-dropped duffel is also highly coveted. Still, there is so much more that Telfar has to offer beyond its handbags. Below, five must-haves from Telfar that aren’t the shopping bag and that aren’t (usually) sold out. 

Medium Logo Hoop Earring - Silver
Telfar Medium Logo Hoop Earring $215.00

Hoop earrings are a staple piece of jewelry that can give any look an instant boost. Telfar makes three sizes from small to large of its monogram hoop in both silver and gold. These are a stylish and subtle nod to Telfar that you can pair with so many outfits at any point during the year. While you should pick the tone of jewelry based on your personal preference, the silver medium-sized hoops are our favorite.

If you’re not a hoop person but love jewelry, there are also the Logo Stud Earrings ($160) and Logo Pendant necklace ($205).

Monogram Print Durag - Brown
Telfar Monogram Print Durag $90.00

Telfar’s durags are luxurious, stylish, and sent to you in a signature Telfar box. If you wear a durag, it may seem hard to justify the price of Telfar’s options. Here’s why they’re worth it: These are made to last a long time and will win you compliments while leveling up your fits. If you buy one in a classic color, like the monogram brown, it’ll be especially versatile in your closet.

Dance T - Ebony
Telfar Dance T - Ebony $110.00

Telfar T-shirts are so underrated. Each one either has a beautiful and clever printed design or is constructed from multiple shirts, which is a reflection of Telfar’s signature style. The Dance T is a perfect example of a beautiful design. There’s a screen printed image of folks dancing (in Telfar clothes, subtly). And for the fit, it’s made of soft, 100% jersey cotton.

Logo Belt - Black
Telfar Logo Belt $95.00

There’s nothing like a logo belt to spotlight a designer in the middle of your ensemble. It brings an outfit together while flaunting your favorite monogram. The best thing about Telfar’s logo belt is the beautiful, nearly-symmetrical logo. The everyday belt is made with a 1.25” faux leather strap and a logo in chrome-finish—and it’s sent to you in a branded dust bag. The black belt can easily become one of your most-used belts, but there are at least 14 other colors to pick from, including bubblegum and cream.

Embroidered Beanie - Black/Black
Telfar Embroidered Beanie $55.00

A beanie will keep your head comfy and warm in the meanest blizzard or a soft fall breeze. Don’t overlook the chic, cuffed beanie by Telfar. Depending on how much you want to flaunt the monogram, there’s a beanie in monochrome, where the embroidered logo blends in, and one where the logo stands out in contrast to the beanie. Either one will look great on whoever wears it, making it a great gift option, too.

If your hat choices don't gravitate toward a beanie, check out the Logo Embossed Baseball Cap ($110), available in various colors, like the cap in chocolate that screams fall.

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