What Makeup Artists Would Buy at Ulta for $25 or Less


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As far as we're concerned—and we're sure our fellow beauty fans would agree—there is no greater challenge than stepping into one of our favorite shopping destinations with a budget in mind. This especially rings true for Ulta: While the superstore's prices can't be beat, the same can be said for the product selection—and there's never a chance that we won't walk away with an exponentially bigger haul than we had planned for.

So for the ultimate lesson in restraint, we decided to pose the same challenge to a panel of experts: If a makeup artist was given a cap of say, $25 to spend, what would she or he buy at Ulta? The pros we spoke to not only rose to the occasion, but essentially gave us an entire new shopping list to take with us on our next product run. (Whether we'll actually stick to this one remains to be seen.)

Find your expert-approved Ulta shopping list below, and keep scrolling to get the details on their picks!