This Beauty Supplement Is Selling Out on Amazon—and You've Never Heard of It

Ingestible beauty is the final frontier for health and skincare junkies. Those of us who've been in the game for a while are familiar with the classic go-to supplements: probiotics, MCT oil, etc. (We're also well aware of the overrated supplements that don't actually do much.) We normally look to our favorite indie beauty vendors and health food shops to discover the latest and greatest supplements, but as it turns out, the best destination for beauty boosters has been hiding in plain sight all along: Amazon.

We probably should have realized this sooner. The mega online retailer has a surprisingly impressive beauty and wellness category. Amazon sells everything from luxury brands to trendy new goods, so it makes perfect sense that its supplement selection offers a variety of unexpected top sellers.

Here, we're counting down five under-the-radar supplements with over 1000 positive Amazon reviews. Keep scrolling to learn more (and then pick one up yourself), and never hesitate to check in with your physician to discuss what's best for you.

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