This Is the Unlikely Secret to Staying Young Longer

Updated 01/30/18
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You know how there are some women in this world who haven’t had Botox or fillers but look suspiciously young? I was left completely confused upon meeting ESPA founder Sue Harmsworth on a flight up to Gleneagles, Scotland, a couple of years back. Harmsworth is in her 70s, yet she’s actively running a global beauty company and jetting from one continent to the other on the regular. She has, without a doubt, more energy than most women in their 30s (heck, most women in their 20s would love to have the vigour of this entrepreneur).

It’s little wonder that when you type her name into Google, one of the options it throws out in the auto-type field is “Sue Harmsworth age.” “What’s your secret?” I asked, almost whispering, convinced she would want to keep schtum. Luckily, on that flight, she let me in on a tip that I will be keeping close at hand for years to come. Keep scrolling to find out how Harmsworth stays so young with boundless energy.

The secret revealed…

Harmsworth is well aware that she bucks the trend, telling The Telegraph back in 2015, “I don’t look anything like my age, thank God, and I don’t act like it either.” Now, having direct access to as many lotions and potions as she likes has its upside, of course, but that wasn’t the secret she spilt on that flight. “I get my blood checked every two years,” she told me. “I do this to see if I have become deficient in certain key vitamins and minerals so I can use targeted supplementation.”

At first, it sounds a little Death Becomes Her, drawing blood in the name of anti-ageing, but then when you think about it, personalised supplementation makes sense for not just the way you age on the outside but the health of your body on the inside, too. Harmsworth believes that this has had a marked effect on her own ageing processes, “as we age we experience changes in not just our hormone levels but the levels of certain vitamins and minerals in the body. I don’t believe in random supplementation but targeted supplementation.”

Not a fan of having your blood taken? Harmsworth says kinesiology tests the muscles’ reactions to assess deficiencies, “but it’s not viewed as mainstream and not everyone believes in it.” Interested in getting your blood checked? Harmsworth recommends booking in with either Christine Stossier, MD, or Doris Schuscha, MD, at the VivaMayr London Clinic, Harley Street. As for the vitamins and minerals, once Harmsworth has got her tests back, she swears by Cytoplan.

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