What Men Really Think of Your Makeup (Because It's Actually Hilarious)

Woman with full face of makeup

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Do we really care what men think about women's makeup? Will we change the way we apply our lipstick in the morning, just because one man said he didn't like it? Will we decide to leave off the eyeliner because some other dude decided that it wasn't a good look? Of course not. But I decided to ask my male Facebook friends what they thought about makeup, not in an attempt to undermine women or tell them what they should and shouldn't do according to men, but rather to offer an amusing insight into how men understand (or don't) the world of makeup. What strikes me is that makeup is as confusing to them as periods and childbirth. And quite honestly, the results were pretty funny. Keep scrolling and find out what they really think. 


A presiding theme was men saying that they'd spotted women wearing makeup that didn't blend into their faces or "looked orange." One said that he didn't understand "girls that wear makeup that makes their face a totally different color," as it's "evident by their necks being a totally different shade." Yep, this definitely happens, and it's usually a mishap. Perhaps men need to have a go at trying to apply the stuff when they're in a rush. 


Much like the beauty world, eyebrows were a big deal for the FB guys. Either they didn't understand the skinny eyebrows look (literally no one is doing that anymore, so maybe they're thinking about the '90s?) or the huge ones that are "painted on." The thing is, eyebrows are tough to get right, but if you do struggle, we have the best eyebrow products right here. 

New Products

Here's where it's less about the look of the product and more about why we'd go out and spend money on more beauty items, with one guy not understanding, "why you'd spend so much on a new mascara." Well, for starters, makeup comes off. Yes, every product has a sell-by-date. But also, it's okay if you want to try that mascara you've heard will work miracles on your lashes, as it might make you feel totally fabulous. As one man put it well, he gets women "wanting to wear makeup to feel good/happy/confident." We couldn't have put it better ourselves. 

Fake Anything

Who doesn't love a touch of fake tan, fake nails, or a false eyelash sometimes? While we get that it might seem a bit over the top, men clearly haven't gotten on board with this trend. "I don't like all the orangey-looking stuff that looks caked on and fake. I do like anything simple and natural," said one. With "A natural-looking foundation, tinted moisturizer, bb cream, whatevs," being the preferred choice. 

Nude Lipstick

Actually, this one kind of makes sense. While we love nude lipstick, men, on the other hand, don't seem to be for it. "I don't get lipstick that makes the lips the same color as women's faces," was one reply. According to science, men are more receptive to the color red. We're still sticking to our nude lips, though.

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