What Makeup Artists Buy at Sephora: A Tell-All



A visit to Sephora is never just a visit. We like to think of it as more of a journey to beauty Candy Land, a place filled with wonder, discovery, and joy (and a sudden decrease in our bank accounts).

But a dwindling balance is worth every penny if it's money well spent (though we recently found out from a number of covert beauty insiders that there are secret ways to save at Sephora.) And as we discovered, makeup artists feel the same way. The difference is that the professionals have far more experience in actually applying makeup and testing out products, which informs their purchasing decisions.

Curious to see how their shopping carts differ from ours, we got in touch with five celebrity makeup artists, who spilled on what they always stock up on when they visit the beauty superstore. Warning: You should probably ready your wallet now.

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