A Day in the Life of a Raw Vegan Eater

What does it mean to be a raw vegan? We’ve wondered that ourselves many times. So who better to explain the concept than someone who lives by the lifestyle herself? Enter Angelica Xavier, founder of GoodBites, a beloved raw vegan snack company carried at Whole Foods and health food stores alike. What does a raw vegan eat for breakfast? Dessert? We got all those answers and more. Keep scrolling to read, in Xavier’s own words, what a day in the life is like!

Because I'm a raw vegan and founded a raw snack company, people often ask me if I like to eat, and my answer is YES! Yes, I like to eat. Super-yummy, innovative food—and a lot of it! A raw vegan diet is more diverse than you might think. Though we don't eat meat, cheese, or eggs, the staple of a raw vegan food plan is nutrient-dense, plant-based food prepared using techniques such as dehydration, heating food under 117°F, and high-impact blending, such as Vitamix, as well as simple, low-impact food prep and combinations. It’s as easy as making a salad! Here is what a day of beautiful, healthy, delicious food looks like in my life: