The One Thing I Wish I'd Known Before Getting My Bikini Area Sugared



Body hair removal, especially around the bikini line, has always perplexed me a little (and I've written candidly—maybe a little too candidly—about my ambivalence on the matter before). Throughout my life, I've tried almost every method. I've gone through shaving phases, but that's time-consuming, awkward, and the hair grows back quickly and coarse. I've gone through Brazilian wax phases, but that process is painful and inconvenient. I've also abandoned hair removal altogether in a fit of '70s-style protest, but for one reason or another, going totally au naturel isn't always what I'm into either. I would have tried professional laser hair removal too, but, alas, I'm in my 20s and poor.

In recent years, I'd heard a couple friends talk about an all-natural alternative to waxing called sugaring, but frustrated and skeptical about hair removal in general, I immediately wrote it off before ever giving it a fair chance. I'd heard rumors that it didn't hurt as bad as waxing and that after a while, it actually stops your hair from growing back in, but I wasn't willing to believe any of it. It wasn't until a gnarly shaving snafu (which I won't explain in detail) put me over the edge that I decided to see what this sugaring thing was all about. And, oh my goodness, has my life changed for the better. 

If you're nervous, dubious, or just plain curious about sugaring your bikini line, let me (plus a trusted sugaring expert) help you out. Read on to discover everything I wish I'd known before getting sugared so you can see if it's right for you.

I pay $49 for a Brazilian sugaring treatment once a month at my salon of choice, and now that I know how effortless it is, I can see myself doing it for a long time. Want to know more about the process? Don't miss our story on everything you need to know about sugaring versus waxing