Is the Lip Flip the New Filler?

Lip Flip

Kylie Jenner is potentially responsible for lip fillers becoming mainstream, and there's no denying that use of injectables is becoming more normalized in beauty circles. So when we heard about a new process called a "Lip Flip", our interest was piqued. 

The "Botox Lip Flip" is a procedure in which Botox is administered into muscles surrounding the mouth, resulting in a more pronounced pout. When you consider that filler literally fills the lip with stabilized hyaluronic acid to make the lips larger, the Lip Flip procedure is a very different approach to attaining your ideal lip shape,

Intrigued? Keep reading. 

While filler adds volume to make the lip seem larger, Botox relaxes the muscles around your mouth to roll your lip outward and flipping it slightly. So, the procedure causes your lips to turn up or down, creating the illusion of a fuller, more voluminous pout without actually needing to, you know, pout.

It goes without saying, but as with any cosmetic procedure, you need to be cautious and see a recommended professional. As it is a neurotoxin, too much Botox can cause your mouth to stop moving effectively. And no matter how nice it might look, it goes without saying that your mouth still needs to function properly. Interested in trying it out for yourself? Make sure you seek out a board-certified dermatologist or professional because ironically enough, your lips are no laughing matter.

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