A Day in the Life of a Byrdie Beauty Editor


The Euro Chic

When I tell people I'm a beauty editor, they often ask what that means exactly. "I write stories about beauty and health for the internet!" I explain. Of course, this is just a nutshell description—a sound bite. And, for as many details as this synopsis leaves out, there are just as many questions and curiosities that circulate outside the industry about what the beauty editor role is really like.

We understand why—from the looks of a beauty editor's Instagram account, it can seem like our jobs consist of nothing but cosmetic brands wining and dining us in between showering us with free lipstick and facials. Admittedly, the title does involve some of this. (Okay, a lot of this.) But I think I speak for many beauty editors when I say we abide by a strict "work hard, play hard" mentality.

With the brunches and monoliths of eye creams comes some pressure—pressure to consistently conceive the most cutting-edge, compelling story ideas possible; to crank out multiple (what we hope are) informative, entertaining pieces every day; to meet skintight deadlines; to attend a full schedule of meetings and events; to stay informed and ahead of industry trends; and all the while, to represent the brands we write for with grace. At Byrdie, we always joke that beauty editors lead a #roughlife (because of course we don't), but the job does fill our plates up high.

That said, I think I also speak for most beauty editors when I say that this position is very special, and when we zoom out, we feel that viscerally. It is truly an honor (and a blast!) to get to report on what's new and fascinating in the beauty world for you all, our wonderful, savvy readers. 

But many of you have also expressed an interest in learning about what things look like when we zoom back in on the beauty editor life. So, to give you an idea of our day-to-day tasks and responsibilities, I'm bringing you along on an average workday in my life as the associate features editor here at Byrdie. Interested in becoming a beauty editor yourself? Or, just plain curious about what we do all day? Keep scrolling to become a fly on the wall at Byrdie HQ!