Why You Definitely Shouldn't Stop Working Out Over the Holidays



We’re all guilty of slacking a little on exercise here and there, especially around the holidays, when vacation indulgence can get the best of us. And usually, we don’t think too deeply into the effect this decision has on our bodies, except to say maybe we don’t feel all that energetic. But what’s actually going on with our bodies when we casually say no to regular fitness is pretty scary—i.e., all that previous hard work at the gym flies out the window faster than we thought.

According to a Women’s Health interview with Mike Donavanik, a certified strength and conditioning specialist, it’s fine to skip a few days, but you may start to feel bloated. Not ideal around New Year’s, if you ask us! But this is nothing compared to a full week, which, according to the mag, is when the arm muscle and tone you’ve been building begin to disappear.

Runners, beware! Donavanik goes onto to say that after about two weeks off, your cardio endurance begins to take a massive hit. According to Women’s Health, this is due to the decreasing “number of mitochondria, the microscopic power plants that fuel your muscles cells.”

Sounds like we all need to keep our fitness game in check. Just don’t forget to soothe those sore muscles in a relaxing salt bath like Jack Black Performance Remedy Body Rehab Scrub & Muscle Soak ($35). But first, head on over to Women’s Health to see the full timeline!

Would you be so likely to push off your next workout now that you know the full effects? Sound off below!