Rosie, Miranda, and More Love These Beautifying Smoothies

Bless the human who first invented the smoothie. A food item that at once packs dozens of essential nutrients into your meals while allowing you to prepare them in a blender is our definition of genius. Personally, I could eat a smoothie for every meal. But when you blend as much as I do, you tend to run out of recipes that can keep your taste buds titillated while delivering as much nutrition and beauty-boosting benefits as possible.

For some much-needed smoothie inspiration, we turned to a group of women whose job description requires them to think about beauty every time they eat. Supermodels like to claim they eat nothing but pizza and hamburgers all day, but we know for a fact that smoothies play a major role in their ability to maintain a glowing complexion, shiny hair, and runway-ready frame.

Curious to learn what models really eat to keep their beauty game on point? Keep scrolling for seven easy smoothie recipes recommended by Adriana Lima, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Miranda Kerr, and more!