What Bella, Kim, and More Eat in a Typical Day

Sure, we may balk at a celebrity for following an insanely bizarre meal plan like an all-protein shake diet, werewolf diet, or baby-food diet, all of which make us want to reach for a cheeseburger about 10 times faster than we usually would. But then there are the celebrities who follow a diet we actually have the willpower to handle—some we've even tried ourselves and lived to tell the tale. 

And because we're so entranced by everything that celebrities do, wear, use, and eat, we've decided to round up some daily celebrity meal plans that we either A. would be willing to try or B. have already tried and think you should know about. Below, prepare to have your mouth water (or not) as we take a look at a day in the life of a celebrity's stomach. 

Were you surprised by any of these meals? Tell us below!

Opening Image: @BellaHadid/China Phili Doll