What's Going On? I Keep Getting Breakouts on My Brows



I am obsessed with maintaining my brows. That means I never wax or tweeze them (for fear they won't grow back), I love my brow pens and powders more than most things, and I wear brow gel even without any other makeup. For the most part, this behavior is rewarded with compliments and confidence. But there has been one issue plaguing my eyebrow-specific infatuation: breakouts. I started noticing small bumps and inflammations around the outline of my brows. I'm not usually prone to breakouts, so I was surprised and, obviously, alarmed. 

In order to figure out the reason behind it all (too much brow gel perhaps?), I chatted with Dr. Jessica Weiser of New York Dermatology Group about the products that could be causing them and how to prevent it from happening.

"Breakouts on the brow line can be the result of multiple factors," Weiser said. "Mostly, they're caused by tweezing, waxing, and threading—but products like brow gel could definitely be the culprit. Gels have occlusive properties that clog and block pores, leading to blackheads and inflamed breakouts."

I asked what ingredients in particular could be causing irritation (while sadly staring at my tubs of brow gel). Weiser explained, "A variety of ingredients in these gels can contribute to acne including petroleum, silicones such as dimethicone and trimethicone, and VA/VP copolymer."

Sure enough, silicones were in my beloved product. But there had to be others that didn't stock those same ingredients. 

See below for a few of my favorites that are free and clear.