The Best Lip Combos Ever, According to TikTok

Liner, meet your perfect gloss.

TikToker wearing a nude lip liner and gloss combo


My everyday lip routine usually consists of chapstick and, um, more chapstick. What can I say? I love a simple go-to. Still, that doesn’t mean I’m anti a fun lip. In fact, my neutral (see: kinda boring) baseline might make me appreciate complicated lip combos even more. 

That said, I think that one of the best parts of TikTok—besides Doja Cat, obviously—is #MakeupTok. Thanks to this not-so-tiny corner of TikTok, I have seen hundreds (literally, hundreds) of new lip combinations. Whether TikTok’s makeup experts are experimenting with ombre lips or using brow pencil as lip liner, these trends are definitely scroll-worthy. More than that, these videos make even the most intimidating beauty looks seem like NBD.

Despite my general ineptitude when it comes to non-chapsticks, I have to admit that I’ve been feeling inspired by the abundance of creativity. The step-by-step instructions and (mostly) affordable product recommendations don't hurt, either.

If you're still waiting for the TikTok algorithm to point you in the direction of these lip combos, here are 10 looks you can try out to bide your time. You're welcome.

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Brown-Red Lip

I love a classic red lip as much as the next person, but sometimes it just doesn't look right. And if I've learned anything from TikTok, it's that a good lip liner can make all the difference. In this case, adding some brown to your red lip can bring in some dimension.

For this combo, Cathy Nguyen used the Morphe Color Pencil ($5) in the color Trendsetter and Maybelline Color Sensational Ultimatte Slim Lipstick ($7) in More Scarlet.

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Black-Red Combo

TikTok also likes pairing a red lip with some black liner—even eyeliner if that's what you have handy. If you are attempting this look, stick to a liner with a waxy formula; a non-smudging liquid option will be much harder to blend.

This look features Juvia’s Place Velvety Matte Lipstick ($14) in Perfect Red, Danessa Myricks Colorfix Glaze ($18) in Clear, and a black eyeliner from Zoeva Cosmetics though the exact formula is no longer available. But don't fret. There are plenty of alternatives available, and one commenter recommended that she switched over to the Pat McGrath Red Lip Kit ($86) to "elevate this already gorgeous red lip."

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If you aren't ready to commit to a dramatic red lip, but still want to get a little more creative with your lip combos, a natural-glam look might be perfect. For this combination, the MAC Lip Pencil ($19) in Chestnut and Hourglass Velvet Story Lip Cream ($36) in Luxe make for a luxurious look that isn't overly complicated. These products are a little on the expensive side, but there are plenty of more wallet-friendly combos that have essentially the same effect.

This similar, but more matte, look costs under $10 at Ulta. The combo of L.A. Girl Shockwave Lip Liner ($4) in Coquette and Essence Stay 8H Matte Liquid Lipstick ($5) in Duck Face matches so well. "Running to Ulta thanks," one TikToker commented on the video. (Same.)

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Contoured Pout

If the casual use of eyeliner didn't already clue you in, a good lip look isn't only about your lip products. For a plumper lip, you can try contouring them with this combo of Benefit Hoola Bronzer ($17), Laura Mercier Longwear Lip Liner ($26) in Plumberry, and ColourPop Blur Lux Lipstick ($9) in CA Love.

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Shiny Nude Lip

Cathy Nguyen made this video in response to an Instagram DM, suggesting the NYX Butter Gloss ($5) in Cinnamon Roll and the darkest liner shade from the currently sold-out e.l.f. Retro Paradise Lip Makeup Kit ($10). And this is far from the only nude lip tutorial on #MakeupTok.

For this lip look, the magic is in the combination, NYX Slim Lip Pencil ($4) in Espresso and NYX Butter Gloss ($5) in Caramelt—but TikTok also loves the shade Praline, BTW. The general consensus? In the words of one commenter, "NYX lip liners are amazing, period."

One tip: If the lip liner keeps smudging, try putting some foundation on the edges of your lips first. (You can thank @itsleekleeek for that one.)

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Chocolate Lip

If you want a chocolatey lip (that doesn't look too Fudgsicle-esque), this combo might be just the ticket. Combined, NYX Butter Gloss ($5) in Madeleine and ColourPop Lippie Pencil ($6) in BFF Pencil 3 make for a gorgeous, buttery brown look.

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Bratz Doll Look

Maybe one of the most unexpected lip combos on TikTok? Lining your lips with a brown brow pencil and then filling them in with some white eyeliner. The result is a gorgeous, natural-looking gradient effect—as long as you make sure to blend the colors out with your finger.

For this look, she used Go Brow Eyebrow Pencil ($11) in Ruby Kisses and NK Bold Eye Liner ($3) in White. A top coat of clear gloss adds the perfect amount of shine to the ombre look, and the comments section agreed that there is something about this combo that just works. "It turned out gorgeous on you," one wrote. Another commented, "[Y]ou look like a Bratz doll."

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Natural Everyday Look

Per TikTok makeup queen Mikayla Nogueira, "The goal of an everyday lip combo for me is to bring out the natural pink of our lips." For this glowy pink effect, she used NYX Slim Lip Pencil ($4) in Nude Pink, ColourPop Glowing Lip ($7) in Cockatoo, and NYX This Is Milky Gloss ($9) in Milk It Pink.

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Peachy Nude Combo

This look makes use of two lip liners: first, L.A. Colors Lip Liner Pencil ($2) in Hazelnut around the perimeter of your lips; second, Morphe Color Pencil ($5) in Richie to contour the bottom of your lip and Cupid's bow. After blending with a brush, E.l.f. Lip Lacquer ($3) in Moody adds a peach-hued sheen.

And if nothing else, the gloss is worth trying out. One commenter wrote, "[I] have the elf lip lacquer in moody, too. It's THE holy grail."

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Just-Kissed Color

This lip look combines two neutral colors for a gorgeous effect. Together, the NYX Slim Lip Pencil Creamy Long-Lasting Lip Liner ($4) in Brown and NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream ($7) in Cannes give your pout a freshly-made-out kind of look—and there's honestly nothing better.

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