5 Real, Noticeable Benefits of Acupuncture



During a time when stress is inevitable (relationships, work, and life stuff always intensify around the holiday season, right?), we continue to look for helpful ways to take care of ourselves. One of those ways is acupuncture. While we’ve been told it can be helpful for our minds, bodies, and, in some cases, our souls, we thought it appropriate to get to know the specifics a bit better.

“We have channels on both sides of our body that run bilaterally and connect to our organ systems,” says Nicholas Barlow, the man behind Los Angeles–based acupuncture office The Barlow Clinic. “Acupuncture is the insertion of micro-fine, medical-grade needles into the patient’s skin over those specific channels. It’s a way we can positively impact our organs.”

“With acupuncture, so much happens in a single moment once a needle is inserted,” Mona Dan, acupuncturist, herbalist, and owner of Vie Healing acupuncture in Beverly Hills, told me. Of course, there’s a visceral response. The tiny needles stimulate a jump-start to your nervous system.

Why is that important? “Your nervous system is what controls every single aspect of your body,” Dan says. “The way your heart beats, the way your blood flows, your digestion, your energy, your mood, your pain tolerance—these are all nervous responses.” The way our nervous system is stimulated (or not stimulated) works like our muscles do; some areas are stronger than others.

Below, find five benefits of acupuncture, as explained by experts in the treatment.