This Is What a Nutritionist Would Buy at Whole Foods

A sweet, sweet fantasy of mine is winning a Whole Foods shopping spree, renting out the entire place, pumping Queen's "I Want It All" through the sound system, and popping a few wheelies on the grocery cart. I'd grab as many gourmet cheeses and craft beers as my arms could carry and my cart could hold. When I was done exploring every outlet of the store from the coffee to the seafood, I'd make my way to the bagging area and do a high-five line with the workers on my way out. Whole Foods is a gourmand's mecca, and as my dream suggests, it's easy to go crazy.

The trouble with grocery shopping, in general, is that it's hard to stay focused, especially at Whole Foods when options abound and vendors tantalize you with free samples. And even though our intentions may be to shop healthfully (cheeses and beers be damned), the "good-for-you" options aren't always cut and dried. That's why we enlisted the help of nutritionist Maria Bella, owner of Top Balance Nutrition in NYC for her exact weekly grocery list. Ahead, take a look at her favorite fridge and pantry staples as well as a breakdown of why she chooses each.

How does your grocery list compare to this? Please tell us in the comments.