Bye, Breakage: 8 Wet Dry Brushes That Won't Cause Damage

Brushing our hair should be pretty straightforward. However, thanks to one too many passes with the flatiron, an overdose of color, or even just the normal wear and tear, it can easily turn into a painstaking task. Because there aren't just snarls and grimace-worthy tangles to contend with: We also live with an irrational fear of losing a more than normal amount of hair every time we work a brush through our vulnerable strands. Remember the days circa 1999 when we'd go for the full 100 strokes? Well, those days have long since passed, and now we put much more thought into our tools and brushing techniques.

Luckily for us—and our poor hair—so many new brushes and tools have hit the market as of late, and they're specifically designed to tackle even the most stubborn of wet or dry tangles without the snapping and breakage we used to associate with our brushing routines. And since our strands are so precious, we decided to roll up our sleeves and conduct some research. The objective? To find the best brushes to effortlessly detangle both wet and dry strands.

Curious to see which brushes made the cut? Keep reading for our top picks for wet and dry hair.