20 Happiness Tips Therapists Want You to Know

We take self-care pretty seriously around here, researching what that word means around the world, how celebs create realistic wellness routines, and even ways you can harness the moon in your favor. We make mental health checklists, brainstorm small but effective ways to take better care of ourselves, and even try to better understand how "self-care" has become a status symbol or affects our relationships. But, you see, that's our job. 

When it's not part of your chosen profession, it can be really difficult to know where to start—how to feel happier, ways to ward off insecurity, frustration, and anxiety. So we did it for you. We reached out to professionals in the field, therapists, wellness experts, and read through published studies on the subject. We came up with 20 suggestions to get the ball rolling. Not all of it will apply to you, but some of it will. And it's helpful and simple—all you have to do is scroll and choose a few to try this week. It's easy, we promise. You're probably feeling better already.