5 Stellar Wellness Tips We Learned From Our Secret Facebook Group


Outdoor Voices

Research shows that recruiting a friend is one of the best ways to stay motivated in your health regimen—so how about several hundred friends? That's the idea behind THE/THIRTY Wellness Club, our new health-oriented Facebook group. As a community-driven extension of our brand-new wellness hub, the group was created specifically to get our readers involved: It's a safe space to spitball health tips, get (and give) product and fitness class recommendations, chat about the latest exercise study, and generally get an honest discussion going on all things fitness, diet, and personal health.

We're already more than 600 members strong and have covered all kinds of topics ranging from birth control to natural deodorant to the best post-workout smoothies. On a personal level, I sought out some advice from the group when I was in a funk last week about my fitness progress. Within an hour, I felt so much better—several members chimed in to give me the pep talk I needed.

And that's THE/THIRTY's MO: to be a positive, no-BS place for any wellness-related topic. Below, you'll find some of the best tips we've covered so far—and keep scrolling to find out how you can join the group.