Found: This One Product Is the Cure to Dry, Winter Skin

Winter is tough on our skin. Luckily, whether it's peeling on our faces, cracked hands, chapped lips, or just a general feeling that our skin could use a bit (okay, a lot) of moisture, Weleda's new Skin Food Experience is here to offer much-needed relief. With a focus on complete nourishment, each product from the line features a blend of soothing, potent ingredients like pansy, sunflower seed oil, calendula, lanolin, and beeswax for intense, concentrated moisture (pretty much exactly what we'd expect from the world's first wellness-based skincare brand, which was founded in Europe almost a century ago).

Curious how to incorporate these products into your routine? Start by using Skin Food Body Butter ($19)—a whipped, non-greasy moisturizer—post-shower for much-needed hydration that'll last all day. Follow up with Skin Food Original Ultra-Rich Cream ($19), a luxurious blend of hydrating oils and beeswax that's a fast-acting cure for rougher patches, not to mention the perfect hydrating face mask to throw on before bed. Pro tip: This cream is also an easy way to achieve a natural, dewy highlight to your complexion; just apply a few dots to your cheekbones for an instant glow.

Looking for quick nourishment? Opt for Skin Food Light Nourishing Cream ($19), the fast-absorbing, lighter version of the classic formula. Top everything off with Skin Food Lip Butter ($7) to nourish your lips (we suggest keeping some in your purse for your commute) while also achieving a subtle, naturally glossy look. Shop the whole nourishing line, and prepare for compliments on your glowing skin.